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GE Sensing, Shannon, Co. Clare

Project Summary

Hot & Cold Water Services Installation

Scope of Works:

  • Supplied and installed new mains water system extending from existing building
  • Supplied and installed new cold water storage tank
  • Supplied and installed new water services booster pump
  • Supplied and installed new hot water calorifier
  • Supplied and installed hot water return pump
  • Installed system mains, hot (flow and return), and cold pipework as indicated on the drawings
  • Supplied and installed solar hot water system
  • Supplied and installed thermostatic mixing valves
  • Supplied and installed rainwater harvesting system
  • Insulated all new pipework
  • Pressure tests

Flush and chlorinate the entire new water services system when works was completed.

The cold water mains supply and gravity cold water system was installed in accordance with this Specification section, Part F of the Specification Document and the Contract Drawings.

The work was carried out in accordance with the Water Supply (Water Fittings) Regulations 1999, all appropriate Codes of Practice, Local Water Authority Byelaws and Irish, European & British Specifications where these applied.

Water Supply (Water Fittings) Regulations

The Mechanical Services Installer gave all Local Water Authority reasonable access to inspect the installations as it proceeded and ensured that current Water Supply regulations were complied with.

The whole of the work was carried out in accordance with the Water Supply Authority requirements and the installer included the cost of the testing, stamping or other charges which the Water Authority requested.

Mains & Cold Water

All new Mains water and hot and cold water services pipework internally are now copper. Contractor connected to the existing pipework as indicated.

Cold Water Storage Tanks

The Mechanical Services Installer supplied, delivered and installed cold water storage tanks of the type and capacity indicated on the drawing(s) and Part F of the Specification Document, with secure cover.

The tanks was constructed in accordance with the appropriate Irish, European & British Standard Specification and Local Water Authority Requirements.

All connections to the tanks were made by means of screwed bosses or flanges welded on.

Each tank provided complies with BS 4213:1991 and BS EN 13280:2001 and was fitted with a drain cock and ball valve suitable for the available water pressure, together with an overflow discharging outside the building.

The overflow discharge was fitted with a wire guard or hinge flap to prevent the entry of birds, insects, vermin, etc.

The Mechanical Services Installer’s attention was drawn to the Water Authority’s requirements regarding the relative levels of the overflow and ball valve in order to avoid contamination of the mains water supply.

Unless otherwise stated, all tank supports and bearers were supplied and fixed by the Main Contractor.

Project Description

Client: GE Sensing, Shannon
Project Type: Full Mechanical Installation and Services
Contract Price: €340,000.00
Contract Duration: 8 Months
Main Contractor: L & M Keating Ltd.