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Airport House, Shannon, Co Clare

Project Summary


The Mechanical contractor will be responsible for the entire mechanical and electrical installations associated with the boilerhouse installation and as outlined in this specification and accompanying drawings.

This project concerns the replacement of two oil fired central heating boilers along with the replacement of the existing cold water storage tank and the heating system radiator upgrade works to 5 number radiators in rooms 411 and 412 on the fourthfloor.

The boilers and cold water storage tank are contained within rooftop plantrooms and the roof is accessed via a stairs.

The approach to the project is set out in the following scope of work.

The mechanical installation shall include the following:

  • Drain down of existing heating circuits and provisionof new valving arrangements to facilitate later connection to same.
  • Refilling of existing systems
  • Removal and disposal of boilers and burner units2 No. including cranage etc.
  • Installation of new boiler and burner units 2 Number.Include cranage for same
  • Provide roof protection ( timberMarine plywoodsheets ) from boiler house entrance as identified on drawing bld100 approximately 50m2 required.
  • Alter existing boiler piping connections to suit heating flow and return connections on new replacement boilers. New flow and return pipework from new boilers and connect to existing headers. Provide new valves, gauges etc
  • Provide 2 number new boiler shunt pumps
  • Installation of new boiler and burner unit No.2 and connection to new headers
  • Reconnect existing oil line to new burners and testing of pipework, alteration and modification of pipework required to suit
  • Disconnect and remove mains water supply pipework to existing expansion vessel and autofill unit and connect new 15mm mains to same.
  • New boiler flues( twin walled 200mm diameter from each new boiler and terminate through existing flue opes, provide new flue cowls
  • All necessary heating pipework, valves, controls and thermal insulation to new pipework. ( aluminium cladding )
  • Removal of redundant heating pipework insulation and pumps etc
  • New electrical plant wiring
  • Isolation of existing mains water to redundant 9000 litre cold water tank in tank room.
  • Disconnection and removal of existing redundant tank ( tank to be cut out hot work permits will be required )
  • Provide new steels and fixed on top of existing steels for new tank support
  • Install new 6000 litre sectional tank in tank room on newsteels
  • Reconnect new mains and cold water down service from new tank and connect to existing services in plant room provide all valve as necessary.
  • Thermal Insulation and labelling of all services.
  • Water flow regulation and commissioning.
  • Commissioning of boiler plant, pumps and controls.
  • Isolate south heating circuit in plant to allow removal of five number existing radiators in rooms 411 and 412 on fourth floor. Existing timber panels in front of existing radiators to be carefully removed and stored for reuse.
  • Provide and install new radiators 5 number with associated new manual valves and lock shield valves.
  • Refill circuit, provide corrosion inhibitor
  • Secure loose electrical cables to underside of window sills in above rooms
  • Test and commission
  • Handover documentation.
Refer to schematic diagrams/drawings for details of all systems.

Project Description

Client: Airport House, Shannon, Co.Clare
Project Type: Mechanical Services Installation Heating System and CWS Tank Upgrade Work
Contract Price: €60,000.00
Contract Duration: 2 Weeks
Main Contractor: Don O'Malley & Partners